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Statement from Scott Milder on Primary Election Race

I am not delivering a concession speech, but rather an absolute victory speech. We rallied many rational Texans to the polls in a very short period of time with less than $100,000 in campaign funds against the well-funded lies and misleading rhetoric of a disingenuous incumbent. What we achieved is quite extraordinary, and this is just the beginning of our rational rebellion against the irrational, out-of-touch politics of our Lieutenant Governor and his posse.
In November, I will be casting my votes for the Republican candidates in every race with one exception. I cannot in good conscience vote for a man I know to be a liar, nor can I vote for a man who willfully ignores and disrespects his legislative colleagues and his constituents. Dan Patrick refuses to listen or seek common ground on any issue. He fights for state control over local control on many issues. There is nothing conservative or Republican about his priorities. He is the biggest bully in Texas. I will be casting my vote for Mike Collier, the rational Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor, and will strongly encourage all Texans who voted for me in this race to cast their votes for Mr. Collier as well.
This run for Lieutenant Governor has been extraordinary. Witnessing educators, business leaders, pastors, first responders, local community leaders and so many other rational Texans rise up to make their voices heard in the primaries has been an incredibly humbling experience as they made their way to the polls to vote for me. I am so proud to see these folks step up in defense of good governance, rational leadership, strong public schools, and local control.
I am grateful to all who participated in this campaign and to each and every Texan who voted for me. We will remain vigilant. We will continue to rally rational Texans in this fight for rational leadership in every election. We are just getting started!

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