Thank you for Endorsing Scott Milder

List of Endorsements

Candace Ahlfinger   

Randy Ahlfinger   

Luke Allison   

Jana Anders   

Jim Andrus   

Hope Appel   

Bryce Arnold   

Christine Badillo   

Jameson Baker   

Michael Ball   

Mike Ball   

Suzanne Bardwell:  Public Education issues are at the heart of our success or failure as a state. The road we are on now is not building future success. Educators, public school employees, retirees and frankly concerned citizens must bloc vote for the future of Texas. And, that vote should be for Scott Milder

Leslee Barnes:  I am voting to you because of your stance on public education.

Linda Barnhart         

Gloria & Robert Barrera         

Louis Baty         

Ronny Beard         

Chris Bell         

Genese Bell         

Patricia Bellomy         

Nick Blain         

Weldon Bonner:  Scott Milder is a dedicated father and public education advocate. Scott deserves the support of all educators in his effort to unseat Dan Patrick as Texas Lieutenant Governor.

Dalane Bouillion         

Nan Boyd         

Carolyn Boyle         

Rayce Boyter         

Andy Braddock         

Jane Braddock         

Melaynee Broadstreet         

Shirley Brothers:  Having known Scott for over 20 years I am confident in his knowledge, skills and abilities to serve and lead. He is a strong and passionate advocate for public schools!

Keith Brown         

Kevin Brown         

Dan Bump:  We need a person with true business experience as our TXLG. Not an ex-talk show host.

Kaylin Burleson:  Mr.Milder has shown me that he will step up and support TX education for both educators and most importantly the students!

Cathy Burleson         

Bill Cadman         

Bonny Cain:  Public education must provide a solid foundation for every student - one where the American dream can take root. Providing such a foundation means that there must exist dedicated legislators who stay focused, who are committed, and who work together to ensure the quality of public education in Texas. My having been a superintendent in two different school districts allowed me to work with Scott Milder in a wide array of capacities for many years. Scott is a collaborative leader who has proven himself well able to problem-solve with school district staff and officials as well as with locally elected school boards. Scott is a quality listener with the skills to be the creative catalyst of change that Texas public education needs. He will tirelessly serve the children of Texas as he maintains the highest standards of ethics. It is a pleasure to give my most enthusiastic recommendation for Mr. Scott Milder.

Jim Cain         

Lucio Calzada         

Tom Canby         

Vonda Capo         

Dustin Carr         

Michelle Carroll Smith         

HD Chambers         

Leone Clark         

Annette Coe:  I have been in the education field for 36 years as a teacher and administrator. I support Scott’s platform for schools in Texas. Teachers - get out and vote during this very important primary time!

Betty Collette         

Julie Cowan         

James Cowley          

Melissa Cox         

Laurie Cromwell         

Cody Cunningham         

King Davis         

John Davis         

Craig Day         

Brandon Day         

Alan & Carment Dennard         

Crystal Dockery         

Sally Doherty         

Karen Dower:  Scott is an honest supporter of Public Education and will truly bring a researched and thoughtful approach to the Lieutenant Governor’s office. We need his clarity and vision for progress in Texas!

William Downs:  I whole heartily agree with all that Dr.Neeley had to say about Scott.I believe the best decision I made as the current President of SHW Architects in 1998 was hiring Scott to be our Marketing/Communications Director from the highly respected Galena Park ISD. Sorry Shirley, but thank you for Scott. I believe Scott has the highest standards for morals, professional ethics and dedication to our public schools. PLEASE CONSIDER HIM AS AN OPTION TO THE CURRENT DEBACLE in Austin.

Scott Drillette         

JenAnne Dulkos         

Paul Dunk          

Jim Dunlap:  State government needs to get back on track and take care of the REAL business of Texas and ALL the people of Texas. Scott can and will lead to make that happen.

Eddie Dunn         

Robert and Jodi Duron:  It’s time, Texas!

Jill Dutton:  As a 10 year Van ISD School Trustee and small business administrator, I am excited to endorse Scott Milder for Lt. Governor. I support Scott because he is a friend to public education and the business community. More importantly, he is the only candidate who can bring the Texas Senate together, to do the hard important work that will benefit all Texans.

Angie East         

Vickie Echols:  Milder: Supporter of Texas Public Schools, The Leader We Need.

Craig Eichhorn         

Jill Escalante         

Candace Evans         

Walter Evans         

Teresa Farler         

Aurora Farthing         

Tracy Fisher         

Shawna Ford         

Patti Foster         

Megan Frazier:  I will vote FOR public education by voting for Scott Milder!

Stacy Frenchwood          

Dan Galvis         

Nathan Garza         

Brad Gibson         

Dana Gilbert         

Clinton Gill         

Tracy Ginsburg         

Raul Gonzalez:  It is time for a change.

Teresa Griffin:  I’m a 42 year veteran teacher and many of us in ATPE are pushing for u to win.

Jeanne & Joe Guerra Guerra         

Marvin Hadsall         

Suzy Hagar:  Scott, believes our kids are our greatest investment. Our teachers and Texas Public Schools are being hurt by Dan Patrick’s narrow-minded policies.

Cathy Hammond         

Randy Hancock:  Enough is enough! Time for responsible leadership! Time for common sense leadership! Time for true, conservative leadership! Time for Scott Milder!

Bill Hefner         

Caroline Heiner:  Shirley Richardson and I are neighbors and friends. We go back to when she was in Galena Park and I had just opened the States first alternative School Pasadena Guidance Center. She had me talk to her board, so they could have one too. Story short: wrote HB 146 and S Bill 91 making alternative schools mandatory in the state. She said vote for you and my husband and myself will. As an officer in Limestone county and Region 12 TRTA I will push for your support.

Cynthia Henry         

Mike Henry          

David & Rachel Hicks         

Jeff Hicks         

Dennis Hill         

Don Hisle         

James Hockenberry         

Kevin Hodges         

Chad Hohenberger         

Gail Hohenberger         

Harvey Hohenberger         

John Holcomb:  As a lifelong Republican, I cannot stand by and watch what is happening in Austin right now. Republicans have always stood on principles of reason, freedom, and fiscal responsibility and we need Scott Milder to do just that.

Shannon Holmes         

Dennis Holt          

Louise Hooper         

John Horn:  Scott believes the foundation of our democracy is public education. He will be a champion for the state to shoulder its responsibility for public education while returning more authority to run the schools to local communities. He will also restore a true conservative approach to governance that will enhance the quality of life for all Texans. We need to replace the self-serving demagogue we have with a real statesman committed to the common good. Scott Milder is the man to do that.

Shawn Howard:  I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Milder on a resolution supporting more training on human trafficking for first responders. His work to have my resolution passed made Rockwall a safer community, and I know he will continue to work to make our State and Nation safer.Mr. Milders commitment to our public schools should be considered by every voter. We can not continue to allow our public school system to fail.

Lee and Dale Howard:  Scott will bring a "milder" climate to Austin, and will be a rational leader, as opposed to irrational. He is a proven supporter of TX Public Schools and the TX business community.

Carol Howard         

James Howard         

Rick Howard         

Stephanie Howard         

Tara Huffman         

Dave Irby         

Carol James:  Scott Mildner is an active supporter of public education.

Martha Jennings:  Vote for public education! Vote for Scott Milder!!

Randy Johnson         

Rev. Charles Foster Johnson         

Steve Johnson         

Darin Jolly         

Ellen Jones         

Kathy Jones         

Paul Jones         

Hon. Yvonne Katz, Ed.D         

Kristy Keach         

Gary & Betsy Keep         

Sandra Kendell         

JD Kennedy:  It is time for the Senate again to play the role as the voice of reason in the legislature. Scott would help make that happen. Big issues have been ignored at the expense of non issues or what should be no issues.

Dane Kerns         

Carl Key         

Mike King         

Shannon King          

Cindy Kirby         

John Kuhn         

Burton Kunik         

Martha Lackey:  As a employee of our great state of Texas and a public education teacher, faithful Christian, I am tired of Dan Patrick’s style of leadership and want change for the betterment of our public schools. I’m honored to endorse Scott Milder as Lt. Governor.

Trey Laird         

Mike Lamb         

Jill Lankford         

Elizabeth Lawton         

Ray Lea:  Let’s retire Lt. Dan!

Jim & Deann Lee         

Michael Lee         

Micah Lewis         

Larry Lipton         

Joe lMayer         

Suzy Lofton-Bullis:  As a lifelong educator, I am thrilled to endorse a strong supporter of public education.

Marc Loredo:  I have had the pleasure of meeting Scott Milder on multiple occasions and his work as CEO of Friends of Texas Public Schools is great for public education throughout the state of Texas. I fully support and endorse him for Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

Matthew Loughmiller:  Good luck, we need you.

Sue Lurcott         

Pierce MacGuire:  As a young professional trying to make a life for my family in this great state, the backwards priorities of the current Lt. Governor are one of my main concerns. I want highways that can reliably and safely get me to my clients and loved ones. I want schools that I can be proud of sending my future kids too. I want a state that opens its arms to investment and talent. I could not care less about what bathroom people use. That is why I wholeheartedly support Scott Miler for Lt. Governor.

Brock Mackin:  Harris County Precinct 296 Chairman

Rick Mann         

Karen & Todd Marcucci         

Judd Marshall:  Scott Milder is an advocate for public schools, so I am an advocate for Scott Milder. We need leadership in Austin that is pro public education, and Scott Milder is just that man.

Stephanie Martindale:  Because our children are our future, Texans must vote for Scott Milder for Lt. Governor. As a retired Texas teacher, now an elected member of a local Board of Trustees, I support Scott Milder and his agenda to properly address education issues, along with plans to restructure state spending to eliminate waste from our budget. The students, educators and people of Texas need Scott Milder!

Cassidy McBrayer         

Damon McCall         

Cathy McClure         

Rick McDaniel         

Ken McGraw         

Robert McLain         

Phil McNeely         

Renee McNeely         

Vivian Menzel:  I support Scott Milder because he supports over 5 million schoolchildren in the state of Texas. Join me to preserve the future of public education in our great state!

Brooke Michel:  As a public school teacher, I am proud to vote for Scott Midler and I urge you to do the same.

Paula Miller:  Thanks for focusing on true needs. Education is our future.

Dinah Miller         

Dr. Bart and Sandi Miller         

Eugene Miller         

Joe Miller         

Jan Mills:  I love to support a candidate who believes in public education!

Kim Mills         

Darcy Mingoia         

Joey Moore         

Kayla Morrison         

Kelli Moulton         

Joa Muns         

Anjanette Murray         

Ashley Mutzchink         

Mary Nan         

Marilyn Nease         

Debra Nelson         

Julie Nichols         

Irene Nigaglioni         

Scott Niven          

Kevin & Susan Noack         

Jimmy Noland         

Eugene Nordt         

Paula Nordt         

Pydi Oliver:  Teachers are behind you! We hope to Blockvote you into office! Continue to support public education! Our kids need you.

Blake Powell          

Maggie Powell         

Jon Mark Preston:  Scott Milder is a friend of Texas education and is focused on planning the future of all Texans.

Jenny Preston         

Jay Pritchard:  Scott’s laser focus on Public School Education is what we need in the Texas Senate.

Bette Pritchett:  I think it is time for a change and Scott Milder is the person for the job. Intelligent and fair-minded.

Matthew Prosser         

Juan Ramirez:  I endorse Scott Milder for Lieutenant Governor.

Scott Regan:  Being a Forney ISD Board Trustee, I firmly believe in the power of public education. Our ISD’s are under fire and we have to stand united to fight on behalf of our children and future leaders. I stand with Scott Milder and his desire to protect public education.

Natalie Reinhardt         

Yolanda& Ed Rey         

Kent Reynolds         

Shanna Reynolds         

Sharon Richard         

Frank Richards          

Shirley Richardson:  I strongly and proudly support Scott Milder for the office of Lt. Gov.! Scott is a man of integrity, honesty, faith, loyalty and enthusiasm. He has strong family and moral values. The public schools of Texas need a good “school man” in this important office! Educators amp community leaders, active amp retired - PLEASE support Scott!!!

Dr. Shirley J. Neeley Richardson:  Please read my letter/email endorsement to elect Scott Miller as our next Lt. Gov. for Texas!

David Riggs:  I have personally visited with Scott on the issues that are important to Texas. I firmly believe Scott has the best interest of Texans as his interest in this race for Lt. Governor. Scott will be an advocate for positive change as leader of our Texas Senate! David Riggs

Berhl Robertson         

Deron Robinson         

Kevin Rogers         

Dubravka Romano         

Craig Rothmeier         

Karen Rue         

Elizabeth Saenz         

Carl Schneider         

Todd Schneider         

Mike Seale         

Jim & Sherry Sewell         

Gene Sheets         

Shelly Slaughter         

Michelle Carroll Smith:  Scott is the Lt. Gov. our children deserve. Get your friends and family out to vote for Scott Milder on March 6!

Joe Smith:  The future is at stake and we cant risk more years of going backward. Education funding has declined and many other areas of business has declined as a result of Dan Patrick lack of leadership.

Greg Smith         

Jerry Smith         

Kendall Smith         

Todd Smith         

Montey Sneed         

Stuart Snow         

Kenny Southwell         

Alison Sozansky         

Victoria Sublette         

Barbara Sultis         

Mark Thomas         

Annell Todd         

Melissa Tortorici         

MaryRuth Townsend:  As a 22 year veteran teacher at Pittsburg Independent School district you have my full support. We have formed a committee to promote you, so lets do this!!!!!

Paul Trull:  Scott Milder has the knowledge, character, and fiber to be the leader who carries out the Texas Constitution’s requirement to provide adequate public education for the children of Texas.

Jay Tullos         

Bric Turner         

Cheri Ustinoff:  Scott has always been a fighter for Texas education. I recommend him without hesitation.

Richard Valenta         

Anne Vallette:  Texas needs a rational leader who brings common sense, a business background and an understanding of public education to the table. Scott Milder is the right person at the right time!

Sol Vilansana         

Annette Vineyard:  I want a rational, common sense, conservative Leader, capable of making good decisions regarding Texas future needs.

Donna Wallace         

Helen Warwick         

Holly Watson:  Scott is an honest, trustworthy, family oriented, proud Texan. He will represent all Texans that want critical issues solved. The issues he outlined in his campaign are critical and I know he will work tirelessly to address each and every one of them. His kind nature is matched perfectly with his persistence to make progress. He has my vote and deserves your vote too.

Jana Watson         

MaryAnn Whiteker         


Jamie Williams:  Support our public schools.

Christy Willman         

Jamie Wilson         

Teri Wilson         

Brian Woods         

Reavis Wortham         

Shana McKay Wortham         

Josh Wright:  Scott Milder represents all that is right in what we hope for in our elected officials. Mr.Milder is a common sense, compassionate comservative. He believes in the conservative values of limited government and strong local control. His role in creating Friends of Texas Public Schools, with Mrs. Milder, also make him a champion for public school students and teachers. I am proud to support him.

Howell Wright         

Bettina Zvanut         

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