Dr. Shirley NeeleyFrom:     Dr. Shirley J. (Neeley) Richardson
Former Commissioner of Education 2004-2007
Retired Supt. Galena Park ISD 1995-2004
You have NEVER received a message like this from me.  PLEASE take the time to read this all the way through because the public schools of Texas need your help and support, NOW! 
Several of you are already on board, but for those of you who do not know, Scott Milder is running for Lieutenant Governor!  Scott was the Galena Park ISD Director of Communications when I was superintendent. He did a SUPERB job!  Scott left us to work for SHW Architects (now Stantec), where he had their full support to create Friends of Texas Public Schools - FOTPS. He and his wife Leslie have had our backs for 13 years through their Friends work!
Now, Scott is asking for our help to help us.  As with any political campaign, Scott needs donations.  He’s a regular working Texan like the rest of us and does not have billionaires funding his campaign. You can donate online or mail a check.  Although he is a passionate advocate for public education, Scott’s career as a businessman, non-profit leader, and service on his local city council makes him a well-rounded candidate with a unique set of experiences to lead Texas through the many critical issues we face.

If you have any questions about Scott Milder's integrity, honesty, high morals, faith, dignity, intelligence, loyalty to the education profession, support and love for public education, or anything else, PLEASE contact me personally.  We must get EVERY Texas educator to support AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - VOTE FOR SCOTT Milder in the Republican Primary on March 6. Unfortunately, Patrick cannot be beat in the general election. The only chance we have to retire Dan Patrick is block voting in the Republican Primary where turnout is low and our numbers can overcome his base. Patrick won the 2014 primary with only 552,000 votes! We have 700,000 people working in our schools plus 300,000 retired educators. Throw in spouses and family and others and we’ll have a landslide victory!
I am fed up with people like Dan Patrick getting elected for the purpose of destroying the public schools of Texas.  PLEASE take a stand, look at Scott's web site, take action and forward this to others who will take action and VOTE FOR Scott Milder. The naysayers in Austin think they are ALL unbeatable, especially by a man like Scott Milder who CANNOT BE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by special interest groups!  If ANY of you support the negative actions of the current Lt. Gov., if you like the way he disrespects public schools and their leaders, if you like the way he tries to destroy the public schools of Texas by supporting vouchers - and so much more, then disregard my email.
We cannot continue to stick our heads in the sand and think we are not strong enough to make wholesale change in Austin.  We’ve got to act boldly, courageously, for all Texas school children. We could become a strong, professional, well respected political voice to improve public school funding, TRS, drive out fear in our profession, stop unfunded mandates, restore faith in our public schools through solid, data driven facts, and so much more.  Go to www.fotps.org for some of these outstanding data-driven successes happening daily in our Texas Public Schools! 
Friends, it’s time we step up, united for the future of our public schools! The future is bleak with Dan Patrick as Lieutenant Governor. We have the expertise and knowledge to roll out a plan to fund the public schools of Texas in a fair, reasonable, long-range manner if given the chance.  We just need courageous, open-minded leaders like Scott Milder in Austin to make it happen. 
I'll step down from my worn-out soap box.  Next steps are up to you.  PLEASE do the following for me, as a friend, colleague and someone who would not have had the opportunity for leadership without the outstanding public education we all received:

Send an email to all educators, friends, colleagues, and community members who would be willing to help Scott win this election.

Invite Scott to speak at your local meetings or plan an area/region meet-and-greet with your local leaders, pastors, educators, etc.

Support Scott with generous contributions, spreading the word, getting our profession to VOTE!

Get behind Scott and help make political history and the positive changes we’ve all been asking for from our elected officials in Austin for years!
Dr. Shirley J. (Neeley) Richardson
Former Commissioner of Education 2004-2007
Retired Supt. Galena Park ISD 1995-2004

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