"Scott Milder has had the courage to put his name in front of the voters in our state to become the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor.  Scott deserves your support, and by way of this letter, he is receiving my endorsement.  For those who are truly serious about wanting a change in the way our state is governed, and the way public schools are treated, it is imperative to support Scott’s candidacy.

Scott understands that he is not just running to represent educators.  He must represent all Texans, and he will do an effective job of creating an environment that is healthy for business, education and prosperity in Texas.  He is the person who can best work with members of the Texas Senate in a positive, constructive way to bring about common sense and fiscally responsible solutions to our state’s challenges.   Texans need to take this opportunity to endorse Scott’s stewardship of our future."

-Mike Moses, Former Commissioner of Education 

Political ad paid for by the Scott Milder for Texas Lt. Governor Campaign.
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